This is the Resume of the manager of ABN Consultants, Mr. Barry N. Breen

Owner and manager.  Consulting service is provided in the areas of:
  • Process development, problem solving and Manufacturing Scale-up
  • Nanotechnology, Thin film and advanced materials.
  • Product and Business Development
  • Technical Writing:  ISO-9001 Documents and Application Notes
  • Presentations and website content
  • Interim Management
3GSOLAR PHOTOVOLTAICS, LTD – CEO and co-founder (2010-2020)
Leading the company in development and marketing of unique printed photovoltaics based on dye solar cell technology (DSC). For electronics companies that are manufacturing devices and sensors for a wireless world, 3GSolar DSC miniature photovoltaic cell charges electronic devices from indoor light as well as outdoors. The devices have a constant supply of power with no need for changing or charging batteries. Unlike silicon cells that perform poorly indoors, 3GSolar printed dye solar cells showed exceptional efficiency and power using fluorescent and LED lighting. In addition to general management, I was strongly involved in the company’s technology development.           

3GSOLAR, LTD – Consultant and later CEO (2006 to 2010)
Angel-backed R&D company developing dye-cell photovoltaics. 
Dye cells generate electricity from solar energy using nano-sized titanium dioxide particles impregnated with dye, rather than from silicon or similar semiconductors.

INNI – Israel National Nanotechnology Initiative  –  Communication and Administration, operations staff (2006 to 2017)
INNI worked out of the Office of the Chief Scientist of the Israel Ministry of Industry, Trade & Labor to strengthen academia nanoscience and make nanotechnology the next wave of successful industry in Israel. As a consultant, I served on the INNI operations staff to
  • create and update a new INNI website
  • create and maintain an advanced database and search engine of nanotechnology researchers and companies
  • assist in design and operation of the joint INNI-MATIMOP stand at the NanoIsrael conferences in Israel (MATIMOP – Israel industry center for R&D)
  • support to the INNI Board of Directors which met annually to formulate and oversee execution of national policies and programs for nanotech-related academic research and industrial development
  • the various administrative and coordination activities required for operation and coordination activities of INNI

This was a start-up company developing Direct Digital Imaging technology for X-ray radiography and fluoroscopy.
PVD Manager (2001 to 2004):  Responsible for the department developing the company's primary technology of coating custom TFT arrays with 100-1000 microns of mercuric iodide (high band gap semiconductor), the key component of the digital X-ray imager.   Changes in the development approach that I initiated include use of Design of Experiments, statistical techniques and formal documentation (this start-up, which began at the Hebrew University, had few researchers with industrial experience).  Under my management, critical performance parameters were improved significantly:
  • Leakage current improved by a factor of 20
  • Uniformity improved by a factor of 3
  • Substrate area increased by a factor of 6

Manufacturer of thin film passive devices for the RF/microwave telecommunications market.  The production process is a modified version of typical microelectronics techniques.  In my R&D role, I assisted in the growth of this AVX Corporation subsidiary from a development organization of 40 (no sales) to an R&D and manufacturing company of 600 people in 1999.
R&D Manager (1989 to 2001):  Responsible for the company research and development department consisting of 25 engineers, chemists and technicians.  Development of new products:  RF capacitors, inductors, couplers, filters, matching units and fuses.  These products were scaled up to total manufacturing volumes of >300 million components per year.   Research and development of new process technologies including:
  • Deposition technologies – Evaporation, sputtering and PECVD
  • Photolithography and etching
  • Cleaning and surface treatment technologies
  • Electroless and electroplating
  • Coating technologies – spin coat polymers, solgel and glass passivation screen printing
  • Epoxy bonding of substrates
  • Dicing of glass and alumina substrates.
  • Tape & Reel of SMD components
  • Quality assurance testing of SMD components
  • Key participant in the company team for achievement of ISO-9001 certification.
Business methodologies used in the course of new product development included:
  • Preparation of short version business plans as the basis for decision to initiate new product development programs
  • Project management including Gantt charts and Design Reviews
  • Issue of Quality Documents – product, process, materials and quality specifications
  • Pilot production
  • Issue of Application Notes and product presentations at conferences in support of Marketing
Process Engineer (1985 to 1989):  Thin film process development and solving process problems in production.

Engineer - Test and Analysis:  Prepared specifications and directed technicians in performance of tests, and analyzed laboratory and ship data related to Navy nuclear reactor components.  This work included fluid mechanics, corrosion and vibration analysis.

Contributed to research and development programs in the areas of ion beam technology and magnetohydrodynamics (part time positions during university studies).


Kaplan Prize 1994:  This is the most prestigious award presented in Israel to industrial development groups.  The prize was presented to the development group (myself as R&D Manager, the project manager and the team members) by the Israeli Minister of Labor with participation of the Prime Minister.   Kyocera Corporation President's Award 1998:  This is a Kyocera annual award recognizing outstanding achievement in product and business development within the Kyocera group of companies; presented to myself as AVX Israel R&D Manager, to the AVX Israel Marketing Manager and to the General Manager (AVX Israel is a subsidiary of AVX Corporation, then 75% owned by Kyocera).

PATENTS:  11 issued patent families